personal project

Darian Grant


  • Company: Personal Project
  • Role: Project Lead
  • Platform(s): Web


This started as a Unified University Clubs System that my project partner and I were building in an attempt to practice our skill sets and add something to our portfolios.

Project Details

Being involved in several clubs in University, I discovered that there was a need for a unified clubs system. I talked with some more club members and managers and asked them what they want to see in such a system and came up with the designs for this.

The designs have since grown and expanded, but here you can see the main club page and a link to the functionality document for that screen.

Full Design Process

Here are some examples of the design process we took. There are too many to post, so I've just chosen to show the examples from the Account Setup flow.

Though we were only three working on this project, we still wanted to go through our ideal process. We started with very simple wireframes to see what kind of content we needed on screen. I would then create functionality documents and pass that package on to the Interface Designer, who would then create the first draft of the mockups.

Once the first draft of the mockups were done, I would then run usability tests on them via a paper prototype. I would collect and compile the feedback and use that to reiterate the designs. The final image here is the final version of the accounts setup page.

Still Growing

Though the designs have been done for awhile, the site still in the hands of the lead programmer, who now works in another Country. While I wait, I have been growing the designs and testing them through different prototyping tools so we have it all ready for versions 2 and up.