A Thinking Ape

Darian Grant


  • Company: A Thinking Ape
  • Role: UX Consultant
  • Platform(s): iOS


Conquer rival SMASH agents with your monster army while defending your city from their futile attacks. What are you waiting for? World domination is within your grasp!

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Usability Testing

For SMASH, I assisted the lead designer by conducting formal usability testing sessions on his behalf, consolidated the findings into one report for the whole team, and offered suggestions on how to fix the main issues.

Here you can see two examples of one of the first sessions I ran on SMASH so you can get an understanding of how I run my tests

Test Reports

Once the sessions are over, I compile the feedback into one document and highlight the consistent issues found. When there is a group of people that observe the test sessions, I do a formal debrief with them where they get to highlight the top issues they found. We then discuss solutions right then and there, and it all goes into my report.

Sometimes the feedback is far too varied to isolate common issues. When this happens I present my observations on each screen to allow the lead designer and team to decide what is important, and suggest that we run the same test script on more, similar candidates until we get consistent feedback.

Here you can find two examples of reports for SMASH. The first is the report from the videos above.