Party in my Dorm

A Thinking Ape

Darian Grant


  • Company: A Thinking Ape
  • Role: Product Lead
  • Platform(s): iOS/Android


Taking over as product lead, I created new features, designed new security measures, produced promotions, and more.

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UX Security Design

Account Security is always a big concern in anything. Our users often fell victim to account fraud or hacking, so one of my goals for Party in my Dorm was to redesign the registration system and to limit the number of devices they could use for one account.

I designed a new system of screens and edge cases for the user to link their account using our custom registration service, as well as through facebook, with rewards at every step of the way to encourage them to fully protect their account.

This resulted in an almost 50% drop of account related tickets being logged and dealt with by our Customer Satisfaction Team.

Here you can see the initial flow chart and the final wireframes for the registration system.

New Content

When I took over as product lead, I noticed that the feedback and metrics from our hardcore players suggested they wanted some new challenges. At the time, we did not have the resources available to create entirely new features, so I introduced an entirely new difficulty level to the game with much bigger rewards.

The result was a huge, steady increase in revenue, late game retention, and a lot of satisfied players.


In Party in my Dorm, I would also organize events and promotions to keep our users engaged and happy.

I would work closely with the art department and copywriter to come up with fun rewards and events, sometimes work with outsourced contractors to create art assets, then balance the rewards and stats and release it all into the game.

Here you can see some of the Christmas Pugs (my favourites) that our users had to collect over the holiday season. This was the most popular challenge we had to date and resulted in doubling our revenue during the holiday season.