Perfect Drift

A Thinking Ape

Darian Grant


  • Company: A Thinking Ape
  • Role: Lead Producer
  • Platform(s): Android


Assisting the Lead Designers, I helped get their project back on track with my Team Management and UX skills, I communicated their designs to the team, and made sure everyone had what they needed to continue their tasks.

Paper Prototyping

When I joined this project, the game was well into production, however the lead designer wanted to redesign the core mechanics. Since I have a lot of experience with prototyping, we locked ourselves in a room for a week and, under my lead, prototyped some games on paper.

Here you can see a few images of some of the paper prototypes for the boost mechanic, as well as a video of it in action.

Hi-Fi Prototypes

After ironing out the details on the mechanics, we created a high-fidelity prototype. We then went through several iterations of the mechanics and prototyping phases until we got consistent, positive feedback.

Here you can see a few videos of the different iterations of our core mechanics.

Stat Balancing

Once the core mechanics were finally done and back on track, I helped out by balancing some sections in the game.

Here you can view a few .xlsx spreadsheets that contain some of the stat balancing I worked on. One contains the list of prices for all of the parts that the player can buy or get in game, the other is a snippet from our drops/loot system, which sets the chances that the player can get a specific type of crate as a reward.

Reiterative Design

Throughout the entire production cycle of Perfect Drift, the vision changed so frequently that there was a lot of reiteration for all of the screens, and I was constantly in charge of communicating the changes to the Interface Designers.

To show you the amount of work we all did due to the constant iterations, I have added an image that shows you every single screen in the game, and I have added a second image which shows every single version of only one of those screens that we went through.