Meego Village

A Thinking Ape

Darian Grant


  • Company: A Thinking Ape
  • Role: Product Lead
  • Platform(s): iOS/Android


Living in the crater of an active volcano isn't easy. But fuelled by a powerful magic called Mojo, the Meego can do incredible things.

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UX Design

I use Meego Village as a good example of my UX Design skills because I was allowed to apply my UX skillset to certain features during the design cycle.

For more experimental features like Quest Portals, it was a very intricate and interface-heavy feature, and we weren't sure how our target audience would respond to it. The original feature involved cutting stones for a chance at collecting a rare gem. Collect 5 different gems and you could open a portal to a new world with exotic treasures and rewards.

I prototyped the entire feature to get early feedback from our target audience. Though our hardcore users found it fun, the main result from the majority of our target audience was that it was too complicated and needed to be simplified. Here you can see the images I used in a paper prototype for the Stone Cutting feature alone.

More Design

For other features that were not as in-depth, like Gifting, I would run quicker prototypes with wireframes and mockups, as I still found them beneficial for the final version and it helped me communicate those designs to the rest of the team.

Once I had the wireframes and prototype done, I would present it to the core team and reiterate if needed. I would then write up a functionality document, outlining all of the edge cases, which would then be shared with the team.

Here you can see an example of a wireframe I made and the final version in the game. On Meego, I worked on dozens of different features to help increase our KPIs. If you want to see more examples, just ask.


When I first took over as Product Lead, it was essential for me to create events that coincided with real world events and holidays.

We made larger events for Halloween and Christmas, and smaller events for St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, and others. These events also required new features, like the gifting feature that I designed.

All promotions were made after analyzing the metrics to determine where we needed that extra nudge with our users to help boost our KPIs. Here you can see the Christmas load menu as well as a wireframe for a special promotion targeted at our new users who were hitting a wall at a specific point in our game.