FIFA Ultimate Team 13

Electronic Arts Canada

Darian Grant


  • Company: Electronic Arts
  • Role: Assistant Designer/Producer
  • Platform(s): PS3/Xbox 360/Web


This is the third FIFA Ultimate Team DLC package that I worked on. This year, I created an extremely powerful new introduction flow for our users, which resulted in a +45% increase in day 1 retention and +30% in day 2 retention. This is also the year where we increased revenue from 40m to 120m.

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More Prototyping!

After analyzing the metrics, it seemed that there was a huge dropoff of users on day 1 in FIFA Ultimate Team. Since the game had solid mechanics and was generating good revenue, we had to tackle the issue of this dropoff. I was put in charge of creating a brand new onboarding experience for our users.

I ran extensive usability tests on this feature throughout the whole pre-production and production phases of this project, and this feature went through several iterations.

Above is a fan made video of their first introduction to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Smaller Tasks

The introduction flow was the majority of my time, but I still worked on several other screens in the game to improve their functionality as well as take care of my regular production tasks.

This Team of the Week Challenge feature was new to the game this year and required work from the ground up. You can see a few examples of my original wireframes and the final mockups for the Challenge feature.