FIFA Ultimate Team 11

Electronic Arts Canada

Darian Grant


  • Company: Electronic Arts
  • Role: Assistant Designer/Producer
  • Platform(s): PS3/Xbox 360/Web


This is a DLC package for FIFA and uses free-to-play mechanics to drive revenue. My tasks were to create the supporting Web App for the game, and the functionality for the in-game leaderboards system.

View the official website at

The Web App

By FIFA Ultimate Team 11, it was in its third year of production, but this was the first year it was getting a web version. My tasks were to transfer the functionality from the console version over to the supporting Web App. I would create the functionality with wireframes, then work closely with the IDs to create the mockups.


For the console side, the leaderboards were a pretty simple task and good introduction into the FIFA Ultimate Team world for me. I created the functionality, flow and wireframes for the screens, then worked with an ID to produce the mockup.