Electronic Arts Canada

Darian Grant


  • Company: Electronic Arts Canada
  • Role: Assistant Producer
  • Platform(s): PS3/Xbox 360


Joining near the end of production, my tasks were repetitive but, coming from the Wii, a great intro into next gen development. I wrote new stories for career mode, set up tournaments, and answered questions from the translation team in Spain.

Career Mode Stories

Since I joined FIFA 11 at the end of the production cycle, and right before release, I had to do more filler tasks to complete the game, not so much design or UX work.

One of my tasks was to write new stories for Career Mode. Next, I was tasked with setting up some tournaments, which required a lot of research on football tournaments from around the world. These stories were translated in 16 different languages and I was also in charge with dealing with the Localization department in Spain.

Here you can see a screenshot from Career Mode where you can see my tiny bit of story at the bottom, and another screenshot of the same screen in French.