FIFA 10 Wii

Electronic Arts Canada

Darian Grant


  • Company: Electronic Arts
  • Role: Assistant Designer/Producer
  • Platform(s): Wii


This was my first professional job in the industry. I was hired on as a Coop Student and was kept on after I finished University. The main skill I learned on this project was how to professionaly communicate my designs.

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Design Communication

On my first project in the industry, I learned how to properly communicate my designs through Advanced Game Design Documents.

To do so, I would include my wireframes in a Design Document which specified the functionality, then would review it every step of the way with the Interface Designers.

Here you can see two examples of the screens that I designed and produced, plus a link to a snippet from one of the design documents for one of the smaller features. In this document, you can see how detailed I get, including my responses to the SEs. The original document was 16 pages long but this should give a good idea.