University Project

Darian Grant


  • University Project
  • Role: Project Lead
  • Platform(s): Web


On this site, users can search for recipes on how to turn old, unwanted items into something new. One example can be a recipe to turn an old clock into a new picture frame.

View the high-fidelity prototype here:

Formal Design

This project taught me the importance of having a formal process in my designs. My team and I would do user research, create task analyses and scenarios, storyboards, and also created a low and hi-fidelity prototype.

Here you can see a storyboard from one of our user scenarios and a link to our Design Proposal, which includes most of the formal processes mentioned above.

Paper Prototyping

This project also gave me experience with Paper Prototyping and testing at every step of the way. Here you can see a video I uploaded of a student trying out our prototype which gave us extremely valuable and obvious insight into how our project will be used.

You can also view the full testing report for all of our users, task scenarios, and results.

Hi-Fi Prototype

The last part of our project was to create and test a high-fidelity prototype. This website had a few working examples on it, but due to time constraints, we excluded the functionality of posting a recipe.