Are They People?

Personal Project

Darian Grant


  • Company: Personal Project
  • Role: Lead Designer
  • Platform(s): Web


This website was made by a friend and myself on a boring weekend. We wanted to test adverts so we decided to make this funny website as a test space.

The backend of the site is down, but you can still interact with the front end here:


One of my project partners and I were joking around about a website where you can rate a picture of an animal and decide if they think they are people or not. Once you vote, it loads a new image and you vote again.

One boring weekend, we decided to make it. I was in charge of the functionality and recruited a friend to turn my wireframes into final mockups. Once I was happy with the mockups, I then created the entire front end of the website. My project partner was in charge of all of the backend programming.

Here you can see the original wireframe and the first mockup. Though the backend is not hooked up, the front end is there for you to view. Just click here.